It’s the journey more than the destination

Holiday Series: #3 Adrift

January 16, 2021

Here I am

At the coast of Mombasa

Looking beyond the vast Indian Ocean

Watching the boats sway with the wind and the waves

And I walk along its white sandy beaches

Warm water wet our feet

As it brings me back

To my place of respite for the night

The first week of the year is almost gone. We all experienced a subdued New Year celebration, and everything seems the same, or maybe worst. But that is not what I wanted to talk about. Before the year ended, I made plans, or some people made plans for me on what I will do in …

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I started writing this couple of hours before the calendar changes to 2021 in Uganda while getting ready to welcome the new year on my balcony with my wine, anticipating the sporadic fireworks displays even though I know it is not allowed. Unfortunately, barely 30 minutes before ushering in the new year, the skies cracked …

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Do you have a name for someone who likes sunrise, sunset, the moon, and cloud formation all the time? I gush every morning when I wake up and see the sun rising from the horizon. I like staying in my bed and watch the sun permeats my curtain and brighten the room, edging me to …

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Back in the Philippines, we grew up doing kris kringle during the holiday season. For a long time, I haven’t done it. Overseas, it is unlikely we have like-minded people doing secret Santa (some don’t even celebrate Christmas or have a religious affiliation). Besides, we don’t get to spend Christmas together to make a run …

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