It’s the journey more than the destination

Holiday Series: #2 First Meals of The Day at #DianiBeach Mombasa Kenya

January 12, 2021

The trip last Saturday, if you count the hours, only took 8, but the prep to get to the airport took half of that. Because it’s an early flight, you don’t expect me to have a proper meal at any of the stops. The planes don’t offer meals for an hour trip each way. So when I arrived in Nairobi, I am hungry. I realized I didn’t eat the night before – now thinking about why I have no answer.

But I arrived very early, so having breakfast at 6.30 in the morning seated in the domestic departure area was out of the question. Don’t get me wrong, there are coffee places, but that is way too early for me even to drink coffee. So, I promised myself that when I arrive at #DianiBeach and settle in the #QueensChateau, I will only eat seafood – fish, crabs, lobster, shrimps, and squid. The meat will not be until I return to Kampala in a couple of weeks.


I joined my colleague slash friend in Mombasa. They’ve been here for a couple of weeks, and they know their way around. They found the house a block away from the beach, so it’s not very far to get your feet on the sand anytime.

When I arrived, they suggested we have lunch at the beach. You don’t have to ask me twice, I obliged, and she didn’t disappoint. She brought me to #bidibadu restaurant along the beach and ordered my first meal of grilled fish with chips.

You be the judge how good it was

Before… I can’t help myself and wait for the others

After… Eaten in less than 30 minutes

I washed it down with my first coconut water

Overall it was a good afternoon on the beach.


It was delightful.

We went to dine at #Lantana resort. The place is very nice and well organized. The architecture mimics that of the middle astern building I am familiar with. After all, Mombasa has a significant Arab influence, so I guess that why Lantana has that feel to it everywhere, you look.

Façade #LantanaResort

Floor tiles

The lantern at the entrance of the building is casting a shadow on the ceiling #LantanaResort

We ordered a seafood platter for three people, and it didn’t disappoint. We enjoyed every bit of it.

Finger licking good… Lobster, calamari, fish fillet, and shrimps

Stomaches filled. A brief walk to our castles, the queens are now ready for a night cup and sleep.

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