This Time I Should Be Serious

I did another impulse buying last night… I bought my very own domain name. I’ve been debating that for a long time. After I paid for it, I soon realized that I have to really do good and be serious about writing. Just because I was shuffling between two blogs, I decided to just have one and have all of my stories in one place I clicked upgrade. So last night I stayed up late being guided by tech support on how to.get started.

I felt pretty determined talking to the techy guy, asking the right questions. I felt empowered thinking to myself I can do this until I woke up the following morning.


I managed to merge all my blogs into one account. It would mean I will lose my followers and those I follow from the old site and I will have to start from zero before I went to bed.

So today, when I woke up, I decided to tackle the task head on — to figure out what I will do with my new project.

I remember asking the techy guy or gal who knows I am talking to a machine … on how I can make the site interactive, having all the things I want to share in one place. For someone not as techy, creating a website will take me forever, it would be a huge undertaking.

It didn’t help that the heat inside and outside the house was rising towards the night. Today it registered a whopping 33 degrees but felt like 45 degrees with 75% humidity, and even without moving I felt tired. The fan was spewing air non-stop, and if it can complain or storm out of my room, it would have done so.


Merging blog posts is a daunting task. While exporting and importing was easy, merging them will require a lot of patience. I am talking three years worth of stories, photos, poems and anything else under the sun (no pun intended) to review, re-categorize and maybe re-blog.

Plus there are tons of photos I’ve accumulated over the years that I wanted to document and archive, and half of them will need to be digitized to preserve them in the cloud memory.

Before I can even think of my late mom’s coin and stamp collections that needed some attention.


I am just happy to be up and about. The roller-coaster of emotions doesn’t beckon and I am taking advantage of it. I guess, now that I have a project to do, I can forget about my recovery for a while.

Although I should keep my home therapy – keep improving my gait and maybe start climbing more stairs to get used to it. That way I can return my dad’s room soon and reclaim mine.


It’s night time again. I can’t say if I made progress, all thoughts are in the paper and the more I attempt to put them in place then it gets complicated again. It’s a sign I should stop and regroup in the morning.

Please be patient!