Story of My Life

This writes up about me appeared on my old blog It was an introduction to who I am. It was self-promotion, the outcome when I tried to describe me to myself when I was alone in one of my mission.

I am considered to be good-natured, one who enjoys getting along with others. My friends find me helpful and generous and considerate. Striving to be friendly in social situations and empathetic in interpersonal ones. Because of my tendency to see good in people, others generally like me.

When in conflict, I prefer to use effective tactics. Because sometimes it is better to preserve the friendly situation than the actual winning.

I also tend to believe that most people are honest, decent, and trustworthy, but don’t get surprised when the unkind nature of others becomes evident. We’re human, after all. 

I tend to be more responsive to other’s needs than my own, so not to be overwhelmed; I try to balance other’s needs with my own from time to time.

I am the type of person that likes to ask questions and equally interested in other’s inner feelings.

I have an appreciation for the arts, as an evening listing to music, going to the museum, movies, or talking about poetry intrigues me. I have a wide variety of interests, driven by the fact that I incline to try new activities, visit new places, and try fresh foods. I may even appear to be unconventional to some! This also makes me appreciate diversity, as discussing others’ religious or political views rarely threaten my own.

Sometimes I like to be involved in extensive group activities and get energized by a crowd, and other times I would prefer a quiet evening alone. I have my threshold for sociability, and the time I spend alone makes me feel more ready to conquer the world.

I am generally comfortable around others and good at adapting to social situations. I can find myself being contemplative one day, or in the mood to be more adventurous the next. Some cases call for watching before taking action, and others call for being more outspoken. I don’t mind being a leader, but I don’t seek the position. When part of a couple, it’s essential for me to balance time spent alone with time spent together.

I am considered a person of character. My actions follow my conscience and are rarely impulsive (except in shopping). When working on something, I tend to be careful and deliberate. I work best with a schedule and due dates; I can be reliable that way.

At times, I have to watch myself, or I may become a perfectionist. I enjoy being organized, a trait that helps me to reach the goals I set for myself. 

My friend considers me to be highly dependable. I am focused when there is a task at hand because it allows me to consider others before making decisions or taking action. Although sometimes, the situation requires me taking calculated risks.

I navigate the waters of my emotional lives, and some days I feel in control while other days, they get the best of you. This is most likely dependent on the situation, as I know how to make a good day last, and I have learned how to tolerate my negative ones.

I don’t like feeling angry, so I try to be tolerant and learn to accept the usual frustrations. Friends would consider me to be stable and content. In general, I believe myself well-adjusted to the ups and downs of life.

And lastly, I consider myself to be religious, and my faith is essential to me. My relationship with Christ and His Church is paramount in my life, as a source of healing and strength for me. My faith is an essential part of my life, my relationships, and my journey.