It’s the journey more than the destination

I started writing this couple of hours before the calendar changes to 2021 in Uganda while getting ready to welcome the new year on my balcony with my wine, anticipating the sporadic fireworks displays even though I know it is not allowed. Unfortunately, barely 30 minutes before ushering in the new year, the skies cracked open and unleashed a strong thunderstorm–that took care of the fireworks! I retreated to my bedroom, opened my drapes and watch the skies lit up, and listen to the wind whistle.

The weather today

Back home by now, they are fast asleep; they celebrated five hours before, with no fireworks too, and no visitors, but they still made a lot of food, which would be shared with the neighbors during new year lunch.

Everyone anticipated the new year. We can’t wait to get over twenty-twenty, but with the looks of things happening everywhere, it seems like we’re in for a 2.0 version of what we just had.

Not wanting to sound cynical, but it seems like instead of getting better, our situation is getting turned for the worst again. The mutated virus’s announcement means we’re pulled back to the laboratory once again to see how this mutation happened and if it will be as virulent as the original virus.

Just when some countries started to vaccinate their people, this mutation will challenge the effectiveness of the vaccine. It raises questions on its efficacy to prevent the NCov_19 in the future and eventually to create herd immunity in each country.

Same time in the twenty-twenty back home, we were unsuspecting of the imminent danger of an invisible foe. I think no one around the world was paying attention, and even China was in denial the virus started there.

Towards the middle of January back home, we were fighting to get over the eruption of #Taal volcano; little did we know that’s the start of us wearing masks to prevent first choking from the ash, will be yearlong to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. I narrowly escaped full-blown pandemic announcement when I returned to Uganda in early February; it was not until late March that the virus reached the East African countries, and well you knew what happens until now.

It really was a challenging year!

Whatever situation we’re in, like the sunrise and sunset, we should not lose #hope and #faith in each other.

We are strong together.

— We offer and participate in the solutions when we can.

— We abide by the new normal of taking care of ourselves and those around us-out loved ones, and neighbors.

— We are not alone, a community that can break through our times’ challenges if we believe.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Despite our circumstances, there’s no reason not to keep the tradition of sending off the old and ushering in the new.


Share in the comments me your wishes and dreams for 2021

One thought on “My Greetings To You

  1. jomariebearth says:

    I really enjoyed this article and glimpse of life for you, for us at the end of a challenging year. It shows how small the world really is. Thanks for the glimpse!
    The photos are wonderful.
    Hugs…JoMarie (World Pulse)

    Liked by 1 person

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