It’s the journey more than the destination

Do you have a name for someone who likes sunrise, sunset, the moon, and cloud formation all the time?

I gush every morning when I wake up and see the sun rising from the horizon. I like staying in my bed and watch the sun permeats my curtain and brighten the room, edging me to wake up and get breakfast going – it’s morning.

If it’s not for the building in front of my house in #thesummit or the water tank in the #trendyapartment, my sunrises are always perfect.

View from my window at #thesummit, Naguru, Kampala (2020)

Sunrise from my window in Pajulu, Arua #trendyapartment (2019)

One best sunrise I witnessed was when I was up in the hot air balloon overlooking #Capadoccia fiery chimneys. I fretted because its too early, I dragged myself out of my cave to get to where the balloons are blown and ready to fly in the early morning – in the dark. But the moment we were up there, when we have peaked the height, the sun rises with us and soon the orange sun envelopes the whole of the valley. The moment was special too because I was with my good friend (who was my boss back then).

Sunrise over the Fairy Chimneys of Kapadokya, Turkey (2017)

Then, of course, I love sunset. The perfect ones in my opinion are those seen across the sea. They always seem magical, and your imagination can run wild wondering whats beyond the horizon, on the edge of the water after the sun had set. childish right? but that’s what i feel everytime – regarless of me knowing the science behind.

The sun setting across the Mediterranean sea in #GazaStrip (2016)

Sunrise and sunset always give me hope. It’s a sign that the day comes and goes, and tomorrow will be the same again but better. The world is so full of cynicism, of pain and hatered that being like a child is something one can hope for to be especially when i am in places like Gaza or helping the displaced Syrians, South Sudanese, or Congolese.

I hold on to hope. I need it to keep on burning in my being, to keep me from being swallowed by callousness of our times. When I was in Gaza, knowing the kind of life lived by the people, I use the beauty of nature to distract me. When we drive around the settlement, I admire everything infront of me, because it strengthen my belief, that what I am doing is what God wanted me to do here on earth. it is his testament, that he is always there for us.

Sun setting over the hills of Kyegegwa, Uganda (2019)

Then, of course, there’s the moon rising in the west. Since I moved to Kampala, I’ve been allowed to witness the beauty of the skies at night.

When the moon rises as the sun settles for the night, it makes me grateful every night as it is a promise of rest to all of us.

The moon always makes me think of the people I love, I encountered, who knew me, because wherever they are, I know if they look out the window, we are all looking at the same moon, and like me, they will also have the rest needed for when the sun rises tomorrow.

The moon tonight in B&E filter over Kampala


I guess spending summer in San Pedro, watching shooting stars in our window before going to sleep started my fascination in the celestial bodies. Over time, as I see and awe in wonders, my faith is always reassured.

If others try to stop and see the roses, I stop, look up and marvel at the beauty above me everyday and every night.

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