It’s the journey more than the destination

Belated Christmas greetings from #thesummit.

You guess right, I’m still here in Kampala and haven’t decided on what I want to do until early next year. But I did decide on not taking the full seven weeks in one go. Thank God for having a good line manager. He agreed to break it until March. Hopefully, by then, traveling would ease up.

Meantime I’ve been helping out a friend get ready to go on her holidays. She will be out of the country for two whole months, and among us here, she’s the busiest and the one having a pet to look after. How is that for time management? She really can use the break.

The Lockdown

Days before its implementation, I just arrived from Nairobi. Rather than get caught in Kampala, with limited sets of clothes and necessities, I decided to move upcountry. Arua is my home back then, in the #trendyapartment. I knew I would be cut off from most things, including work, and traveling back to Kampala didn’t happen until after three months.

Thanks to the internet, life and work were bearable but not without their emotional toll. Not only to me but some friends also. One colleague surprised us by buying a puppy two months after the government imposed the lockdown.


She became the pet of the group. We didn’t meet her until the lockdown was relaxed, and I am allowed to travel to Kampala in July.

But we knew her antics and witnessed her growing up online … from a little furball to looking like a rabbit and now to the full-on Spitz. We had our doubts about her breed until she grew more prominent. Regardless, she’s a lifesaver to all of us.

But unlike me, Sasha is going on holiday overseas. She’s going to experience the winter in Lebanon, and you can’t believe how much preparation was done to make sure she can travel.

Over the weekend, we went to the mall, braving the crowd to find her a winter coat. That is to make sure she doesn’t freeze when they arrive at 1 am and travel in style according to her human—at the same time, waiting for her travel documents, which almost didn’t happen.

Emotional support

Having Sasha in our friends’ life was a great stress relief. A diversion that often gets to chime in during online meetings breaking the ice and boredom. Her puppy love rubs to us, and we all can’t get enough of her.

If you want to know what I mean, I will let you be the judge.

In her new bubble jacket

In her raincoat

She’s the baby of the group

With her human

At lake Bunyonyi

Hiking with her human

She likes going on road trips

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