It’s the journey more than the destination

I read that I can try up to a maximum of 6 different chocolate flavors in one sitting. I will need to clean my palate every time with warm water to prepare for the next batch of tasty chocolate 😋 , But I wish I have the time just to sit and keep eating chocolates.

When I ordered the bunch of chocolates, the seller was advertising a new type of chocolate — but like I told you in my last post, I am biased to dark chocolate; I am not sure I will like it.

But like anyone with a sweet tooth, I will try anything once and see if I will try again. Let’s go!

#2 – The Red Chip

I didn’t know that there is a fourth type of chocolate — the Ruby Chocolate. It was introduced by Callebaut in 2017 after the success of white chocolate some couple of decades ago.

Too bad I don’t have much to taste to really discern the taste, but I agree with the article I read about it being a cross between milk chocolate and white chocolate. Two types that I am not a fan of if I have a choice.

So here goes my experience…

Appearance is a nice light pink color because it’s small and thin. I can’t say I am attracted to it. It’s not shiny and appealing to eat, so the little piece I had is just enough for the experience. At first look, one will think that this chocolate is pretentious, and since I am a dark and darker chocolate lover, mentally, I know I will not like it.

The pink color, which according to what I read, is from the underfermented cacao beans. The beans give off the reddish hue that persists during converting it to chocolate, ending with the cute pick color that appeals to Millenial’s instant gratification attitude.

Will I go for it? Maybe, if the design or shape is different.

The texture was smooth to the touch but flaky. It melts quickly between my finger but nothing unusual for chocolates at room temperature. The wrapping didn’t do justice to the chocolate, which shows the seller needs more practice in making sure her chocolates are wrapped without affecting the appearance and texture of the chocolate.

It needs more tempering. Despite the size, the chip feels like a cake, and it’s chewy, which helps one keep the acidic taste longer in the mouth.

The taste was not fun in the beginning. Immediately after, you will taste the milkiness of the chip then the sourness after. It was an acidic taste that lingers, but if you continue to savor the taste, it is fruity, and I tasted cherries 🍒 , which I like as a filling in some brands.

The fruitiness comes from the process, which may be similar to white, where cocoa is less than milk and dark chocolates. It has a lingering feeling in the mouth that I would want to have a couple more bites – that’s all.

For those who like Milk or White chocolate, the Ruby chocolate may be another option for you.

Have you tried the Ruby chocolate? Tell me how it made you feel.

For additional information

What You Need to Know … https://www.eatthis.com/ruby-chocolate/

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