It’s the journey more than the destination

I am not the one to take long to decide. I am most of the time impulsive, especially when shopping 😉. People who know me know that I am “kaladkarin,” a happy camper every time.

But I am finding it hard to convince myself to have a break, as in do nothing, let alone travel outside my comfort zone at the moment, which is Kampala.

I guess coming from the up-country, living there for over a year made me feel like living in Kampala as being on holiday mode all the time. Although workload picking up, living up here at #thesummit makes me feel like I am not working. I’m sure my boss will have a different view on that, though.

My house in Pajulu #trendyapartment

Don’t get me wrong. My trendy apartment in Pajulu, Arua, offers a different kind of effect. There you’re far from everything but in touch with yourself, which is essential when you’re trying to find yourself in the chaos of incompetence that plague my organization. I ended up giving up living so far away that I needed to be closer to people that hopefully can help me understand why what happened happens. I moved to prevent myself from being cynical of what I am doing here, and it was the best decision I made this year.


Going back to my dilemma, I tried a different method to get me excited about the holidays, like making a list and checking it twice of the pros and cons. I accepted my friends’ invitation and started looking at deals for tickets on short notice. Psyched me about taking the test to fly out and budgeting.

I don’t see much cons in my planning except that mentally I am not there yet. I told you, this pandemic dampened my enthusiasm about traveling, and I want to shake it off.

Me writing about this indecisiveness over and over is also one way I am letting it all out there. The man in India tells me to have fun and go. I am sure he will have fun soon. He just tested negative and being let out of quarantine. After being indoors for half of his holidays, I am sure he’s just happy to be out in the sun.


Maybe I will do it, why not.

I’ve already submitted my leave request, so there’s no turning back now.

Meantime, my weekend is full. I’ll be with friends until next week, and I have this blog reboot and other online commitments I haven’t much-paid attention to.

Like my being an encourager at http://www.worldpulse.com and, of course, my pet organization back home, http://www.isangbata-isangtasa.org, which I still have to re-program and source funding for, and eventually kick-off in the early part of 2021. There’s the pending post-grad I need to complete and other courses online I need to get ahead with what I like doing.

In the end, there are a lot of non-work-related things I can do in the comfort of my home. If suntan I want, I have the poolside at the compound I can soak up in and get the color to prove it.

I guess I am boring you out with me going on and on with my year-end plans. I will still leave it all out there, and let me continue to listen to what the universe is telling me about it.

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