It’s the journey more than the destination

It is a quiet evening.

I started to watch a kids series set in Paris, one place I wanted to be right now. The lead ballerina was transported from 1905 to 2018 made me think more about traveling for the seven long weeks of unrequited holidays.

If only it’s that easy nowadays 😥.

After getting my visa, I thought my excitement about traveling for the holidays would pick up. Still, I am indecisive if I even want to go farther than east Africa. Surely going home was not in the plan for so many reasons, but I need to go and be somewhere, even just for a short time.

But where?

Ballons of Kapadokya (Turkey/2017)

Early morning hot air balloon ride over Kapadokya fairy chimneys

I am not afraid to travel even if I know people that got positive results when they arrive at their final destination. Just not thrilled as I am always is at this time of the year.

I’m still thinking of what I wanted to do if I am not vacationing at home. Because when I am at home — I take advantage of being a princess. I don’t even have to lift a finger to fix my bed or do the laundry, prep for cooking; I just cook or wash dishes. I simply do nothing until I am bored to death and wanting to go back to work.

By the way, I went today to the immigration office to have my visa rectified. To reverse my gender re-assignment.

Unfortunately, it cannot be undone. The lady who attended to me is not to blame, but the law firm that represented the organization prepared all the documents and submitted the wrong information. The funny thing is that before telling me why or how it happened, the person at the door said to me that I would need to pay 200 dollars if I want it changed.

I told you, Ugandan will always have someone or something else to blame than to admit a mistake, or if not, extort money out of you if you’re that gullible. The woman clearly could rectify the record, seeing I am a woman, and yet they said she doesn’t even type anything — so clearly they acquitted her of wrongdoing … classic!

My colleague was not happy. He sees it as an opportunity for “crook” minded individuals to rip me off if they look at the fine print and discover the mistake. True. But who knows, maybe I am just overreacting to a minor error (their words, not mine), and all will be fine while I am here.

I want to get to the bottom of this and see if our lawyers did f&*ked-up and submitted a paper by mistake. If proven they did, I’ll not stay quiet for sure!

Thank God for good friends.

I have open invitations to join some friends traveling around the region. It seems fascinating, exciting, and cheaper with a small group than traveling alone. Then I invited myself to Sirine trip to Lebanon, but I received information that I need to apply for a visa in advance, something I have to see later.

Dar es SALAAM (Tanzania/2019)

Beach, books, and beers … just what I need

I will have a couple of working days and the weekends to decide. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my bliss here at #TheSummit and continue to search for me the thrill of being in another country at the time of Corona.

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