The Veep and Those at the Hem and Sleeves of the Philippine Society

The Tagalog translation of sleeve is “mangas,” and those are part of clothes that is optional to have especially in the kind of weather we have in my country.

I can relate that to a provocative highly frown upon (a)political word … “laylayan” which translates to hem. The end part of any clothing that attracts all the dirt and snags as it is used for those who doesn’t know.

My country, the Philippines,  had reached 100 million in 2012, and after 5 years we are a little over 106 million, a merely 6 percent increase. According to some publication, there are new babies born every 13 seconds while the reaper takes someone every 46 seconds, makes me wonder how much of them are TokHang related?  A very high population for a country as small and developing as us. Although in the last government we were on the way to maybe developing further as the “tiger in us had awakened” but we got sick again.


The problem of drugs and Tokhang highlighted the societies divide in the Philippines … only the poor get penalized while the rich and influentials are given a free pass


Anyway, as my essay goes, those hanging by the sleeves or by the hem are what the current vice president proposed to help during the campaign period. She talks about the marginalized, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, the poor and the helpless (writing those words made we want to contact the Avengers to ask for help).

It appealed to many that is why the Veep got elected. It appealed to many that is why we have demi-god for president.

The issue of poverty is not new to the Philippines, there is never enough to provide for all, there are those who will always be left behind in development and progress. In 2015 there is 21.6 percent of Filipino below the national poverty line Any talks of helping the poor get politicians elected because maybe poverty according to the politicians are easy to solve.

But look at us now. The poor are feeling more and more the oppression from this government and too bad for the Veep she’s the only one prominent enough to be doing what she had promised. Bringing along with her those that genuinely want to help but wants to make sure the help they provide reach those that really need them.


The Veep as she goes to visit one village had been vilified for doing something for the rural folks in the Philippines. Now her very position is being challenged by someone who helped put this country in bad place in the 70’s


My country is a country of irony. We have ultra rich politicians promising the moon to the masses but once elected forgets to share the promised moon. Those that are genuinely doing something are vilified and even accused of cheating the election or just showing off.

While the Veep keeps meeting those in the hem, the rest of our overzealous politicians (during the campaign and after winning) are all talks and intimidations with nothing concrete to show for it.




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