#Ice Candy Goals

Summer has landed … It has arrived!

We’re already feeling the heat, but I still can’t get myself to sleep with the a/c on and good thing is we still have the fresh breeze coming through the windows thanks to trees around our old place. Living in the hills of San Pedro still has its perks except its more crowded now and our neighbours are noisier.

My family’s old neighbourhood had changed a lot since we settled back here early 2000 when my dad retired. There are more people from other places, and kids had grown, but I still see familiar faces. Families that were there when we first moved here when there were only a handful in the mid-60’s. We didn’t grow up here my three other siblings, and I was born and raised in the capital city of Manila, but we spent summers here until we all went out separate ways.

Now that I am back and will be here for a while I made something of my time. Well, I have a lot of that lately, and I am not getting very far yet, so I decided to do what we loved during summer… eat ice candy!

These are handcrafted cold treats made from scratch of my favourite tropical fruits and vegetables … beans are vegetable, right?

So far we’ve made mango – our best seller, chocolates and buko-pandan (coconut-pandan) flavours and now we have a version of iced buko with monggo (creamy coconut mixed with brown beans).

We only make small batches and sell it for nothing – five pesos (10 cents) each.

It’s not for profit after all … it’s for fun! Of conjuring flavours… those lovely tropical flavours and selling them mostly to kids and see their eyes lit up when they start sucking on the cold flavoured ice tube of candy delight!

This is what summer is for me … simple joys! Brings me back to the days when we are the ones buying ice candy from our neighbours. Now I am paying forward to my neighborhood kids 😄

DP Glimmer

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